MN Day One® Crisis Line
MN Crime Victim Support Line

Who We Are

Day One is a statewide network of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, youth-and community-advocacy programs in Minnesota. Day One hosts the Minnesota Day One Crisis Line which connects individuals seeking safety and resources to service agencies statewide via phone, text or chat message. The Day One Call Center also answers calls, texts and chat messages to the Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line.

Prior to Day One, survivors had to make 8-15 phone calls to access services and support. Day One simplifies the process by using real-time technology to operate as a centralized system. Tapping into a statewide network of interconnected relationships, survivors can now make one call that connects them to a trained Day One advocate. The advocate then follows best practices to search, identify, and refer survivors to the requested service or agency in their geographic area.

We are dedicated to supporting survivors and diminishing barriers to safety and support. As champions for equality and human rights, Day One works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered. We provide victims of abuse and their families with the right services, at the right place, at the right time–on “Day One.”

Day One originated in and is unique to Minnesota. True to its grassroots beginnings, Day One stands in solidarity with social justice movements and is committed to survivor-centered advocacy. Day One is dedicated to sustaining a diverse network of agencies; we recognize that anyone can be a victim of violence, regardless of age, race, class, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

National Day One

Day One has long envisioned bringing our model of services to programs throughout the United States, creating a safety net across the country. In 2008, we formed National Day One®, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornerstone. Together with domestic violence and human service leaders from the City of Seattle and surrounding counties, we launched our first national expansion initiative.

The Day One® Washington program has grown to a network of 22 domestic violence programs working together to streamline access to services for survivors in their region. For more information, please contact Colleen Schmitt, Director of Day One at 952-646-6545 or

Make an Impact, Help Break the Cycle of Violence

Day One is a Minnesota statewide program of Cornerstone Advocacy Service, a victim and survivor-centered advocacy and service provider committed to ending domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. If you’d like to make an impact, please consider making a donation to Cornerstone.