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If you are a Deaf* (Deaf Blind, Deaf Disabled, or Hard of Hearing) individual seeking support related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and/or Human Trafficking, Day One can support you through safety planning and co-advocacy.

Day One, a program of Cornerstone, is dedicated to maintaining Deaf* accessibility with every service we offer. Below you will learn more about Day One/Cornerstone’s commitment to accessibility, how Day One can support you with Safety planning, and the Co-Advocacy model Cornerstone uses to support Deaf* victim-survivors.

To get in contact with us to begin your journey to safety:

  • CALL 1.866.223.1111
  • TEXT 612.399.9995
  • CHAT ONLINE with an advocate by clicking the “Chat Now” button on this website.

Commitment to Accessibility

Our organization is committed to meeting the needs of all of our community members. We strive to create a welcoming environment and ensure equitable access to our programs, services, and activities, as well as our print and digital media. Watch below to learn more about this.

Safety Planning

An important role our Day One advocates maintain is not only to connect you to resources, but to also to support you with an in-the-meantime plan that we call “safety planning.” This verbal strategizing session is key in preserving your safety as you seek out your options in fleeing an unsafe situation. Watch below to learn more about the details of this process.


Cornerstone and ThinkSelf have partnered since 2013 to bring Deaf* accessible services to the forefront of our work in the DV/SA field. Together we have developed a Co-Advocacy model that brings together a hearing and a Deaf advocate to support a Deaf victim-survivor throughout their safety journey. Watch below to learn about how this system functions within our work. Day One is a statewide program of Cornerstone. Watch an overview of Cornerstone’s services, learn about Cornerstone’s safe shelter, and view FAQs on Cornerstone’s website.

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Day One® is a statewide program of Cornerstone.


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A Cornerstone program, Minnesota Day One® provides help and resources for victims of general crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, or those concerned about their relationships anywhere in Minnesota, and Fargo, ND.

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Minnesota Day One® connects Minnesotans to Network Partners providing services across the state to victims and survivors of crime and domestic violence. Learn more about our partners.

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