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Pet Protection (MNAFAS)

Are you worried about your pet’s safety if you leave your pet behind when you go to a shelter?

Pet Protection

There is a direct link between domestic violence, child abuse and abuse of animals.

In violent situations, abusing pets is a way abusers can exert power and control over you. We work to eliminate barriers for you while you seek safety for yourself and your pets.
The Minnesota Alliance for Family & Animal Safety (MNAFAS) provides safe and temporary foster care for the pets of domestic violence and sexual assault victims while they address their safety needs.

The Minnesota Alliance for Family & Animal Safety is a collaborative effort of domestic and sexual violence programs and animal welfare program professionals. If you would like more information regarding MNAFAS or Pet Safe Housing call the MNAFAS line at 952.646.6563.

Will my pet be safe?

Call a Day One network advocate to learn more about pet safety during your stay at a shelter or safe housing at